“BCF23: Football Manager Game” β version is now open

“BCF23: Football Manager Game” open beta version, a blockchain soccer game utilizing the expertise of the popular “BFB” soccer game series, has been released on the Play-and-Earn game platform Game Changer.” BCF23″ is distributed by Game Changer (SGP) Pte Ltd. (headquartered in Singapore; hereinafter “GC”) 、developed by CYBIRD Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Tadashi Motojima, President and CEO; hereinafter “CYBIRD”)

■About “BCF23”
“BCF23” is Japan’s first* Play-and-Earn and Free-to-Play hybrid soccer management game.
● Players train athletes as managers of club teams, develop strategies and aim to become world champions.
● Unlike many blockchain games, you can start a game without making an up-front investment in NFT.
● You can train your team in PvE mode. You can earn rewards while competing with players around the world in PvP tournaments.
● NFT players acquired through gacha and other means can be bought, sold, or rented on the marketplace on Game Changer, which is a distribution platform.
● Incidentally, BCF23 is handled by CYBIRD, a developer of this work, and is based on Barcode Footballer, which has more than 0.1 million DAU, mainly in Hong Kong.
*BCF23 is the first Play to Earn blockchain soccer management game in Japan. (December 2022 Internet-based GC survey)

■Evolution from the α version
● In Game Changer, it is possible to buy and sell players purchased/acquired by BCF23 (rentals will be implemented in the future).
● As to buy the ticket and squeeze it
● Season Ranking Weekly Ranking starts
● Updating UI such as the top page
*Token is currently preparing for listing

■Launch Commemorative Campaign Overview
● Special login bonus: Gacha ticket distribution by login to the game during the period (started on Dec. 22)
● Training bonus: Increase in the acquired experience value of athlete enhancement training (started on Dec. 22)
● PvE league campaign: Reduce consumption stamina in CPU competition mode (scheduled to begin on Dec. 27)
● PvP tournament campaign: USDC gifts to top winners (scheduled to begin on January 10)
● Giveaway: Opportunities to acquire a total of $390 by clearing game installation and other tasks (currently held)

■Outline of Game Changer Distribution Platform
It is a platform that enables everyone to enjoy blockchain games easily. By making blockchain technology “invisible” through on-line wallets and by making it more general-purpose through SDK/API, the threshold is low for both gamers and game developers, and we provide a one-stop service that is highly convenient.

■Related sites
● Website:https://www.blockchainfootball.games/https://gamechanger.game/
● Twitter :https://twitter.com/blockchainfbhttps://twitter.com/BCF_JAPAN
● Discord:https://discord.com/invite/EnsMB5xBrd