The original NFT jewelry brand "Bits Of Me" has launched the Autumn Winter 2023 Collection.

 CYBIRD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya Tokyo, President and CEO: Tadashi Motojima,hereinafter “CYBIRD”) has launched the ” Autumn Winter 2023 Collection,” the second collection of its NFT jewelry brand “Bits Of Me,” on 12 December, 2023.
We will be selling pendants that can be engraved with the theme of “Planets.


■“Bits Of Me” Autumn Winter 2023 Collection
The theme of the “Autumn Winter 2023 Collection” is “~Our Universe~ Planet Pendants”. Eight different digital pendants with various variations will be available in two variations of each type, for a total of 16 pieces.
NFT jewelry, which can be engraved with a person’s own original design on the pendant, is a perfect gift for a loved one.

● Available at
● Selling from 12 December 2023 17:00~ (JST)
● Price: 0.022 Eth
● Quantity: 16 pieces

● Meaning of each of the 8 planets

● Character engraving
You can create a one-of-a-kind, original digital pendant by engraving letters of your choice up to 16 characters.
The 3DCG-based NFT jewelry can be engraved with a 3D-rendered message of your choice, rather than just text.
● Privileges
1. While the NFT allows for image customization, metadata and image data are stored on IPFS.
2. Depending on the number of pendants held, the purchase price is automatically discounted as follows.
 You hold 0 pendants: Normal price (0.022 ETH)
 You hold 1 item: 10% off the regular price (0.0198 ETH)
 You hold 2 items: 20% off the regular price (0.0176 ETH)
 You hold 3 or more items: 30% off the regular price (0.0154 ETH)

■Creators of the Bits Of Me
The followings are the creators of the “Bits Of Me, the Autumn Winter 2023 Collection”.
Creators: Current students of Toyo Institute of Art and Design (
Creative direction cooperation: DRIVE Corporation (


■About “Bits Of Me”
● Bits Of Me. Official X:@bitsofme_djb (
● Bits Of Me. Official Instagram:@bitsofme_djb (
● Bits Of Me. Official Website (Mint site) :

■ Concept & Message of “Bits Of Me”
● Concept of “Bits Of Me.”
We can create the world of mutual acceptance.
Even if we each love different things,

― Sharing, Love, Passion-

Anyone can resonate with these emotions.
The “Bits Of Me” NFT Collection was launched with an aim of creating such a world.

● Message to fans we have yet to meet.
Though within reach, untouched without the outstretched hand.
Within your sight, yet unseen without your will.
We believe in the ephemeral, ever steadfast by our side.
Your ‘token’ reaching out for others—”Bits Of Me.”

If you would like to collaborate with us – for example, if you are a creator or have an interest in creating digital jewelry – please get in touch with us.