The Japanese IP business company "CYBIRD" has launched a Digital Jewelry Brand based on NFT.

CYBIRD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya Tokyo, President and CEO: Tadashi Motojima, hereinafter “CYBIRD”) has recently launched Digital Jewelry Brand called “Bits Of Me.”

CYBIRD, a Japanese IP business company, was established in 1998 at the forefront of Japan’s mobile Internet industry. Since then, we have crafted captivating contents and immersive experiences tailored to fans, constantly adapting to evolving platforms.

Today, CYBIRD possesses the expertise to create its own intellectual properties(IP) and has established numerous partnerships with Japanese IP holders. Our portfolio extends beyond games, encompassing diverse media forms like apps, manga, stages, and merchandise.
With a history spanning over two decades, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of digital content. “Bits Of Me” represents our latest endeavor, a fresh and exciting challenge that lies ahead.

■ Concept & Message of “Bits Of Me”
This concept is imagined based on our corporate statement “Empower Your Love!.”

⚫ Concept of “Bits Of Me.”
We can create the world of mutual acceptance.
Even if we each love different things,
― Sharing, Love, Passion-
Anyone can resonate with these emotions.
The “Bits Of Me” NFT Collection was launched with a aim of creating such a world.

⚫ Message to fans we have yet to meet.
Though within reach, untouched without the outstretched hand.
Within your sight, yet unseen without your will.
We believe in the ephemeral, ever steadfast by our side.
Your ‘token’ reaching out for others—”Bits Of Me.”

■ About the 1st collection
We will be minting a total of 60 digital perfume bottles, consisting of 6 different types with various color variations.

-Perfume bottle with a chess piece motif-
Crystal pieces shining bright are symbol of ourselves.
But what sort of board are they made to stand on?
What await them as they move forward?
Illuminating each other at crossroads, a connected link is born between them.
Welcome to the 1st collection of “Bits Of Me”.

⚫ Bits Of Me. Official Twitter:@bitsofme_djb (
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⚫ Bits Of Me. Official Website (Mint site) :

■ Collaboration Creator-1st collection

3DCG Artist “ZuiyO”
How do people really experience the world in which they live in?
ZuiyO explores unique visual expressions and aims to recreate the world reflected in our inner world – a world on the boundary where reality and fantasy transparently mirror each other.
Through 3DCG, he transcends physical constraints and refracts sensibilities.
⚫ Twitter :@ZuiyoNkyma
⚫ Instagram :@clear_3d

■ Contact
If you would like to collaborate with us – for example, if you are a creator or have an interest in creating digital jewelry – please get in touch with us.