Conditions of Use
This website (, hereinafter referred to as this website) is managed and operated by CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
Please fully read the following Conditions of Use prior to using the website. By using the Website you agree to comply with these Conditions of Use.
Please be aware that CYBIRD reserves the right to change the content of these Conditions of Use at anytime without prior notice. You are therefore requested to read the latest version of the Conditions of Use when using the Website.

Table of Contents

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1. Links to Third Party Sites

Please contact CYBIRD beforehand using the form provided if you intend to establish a link to this website. When making contact, please provide your name, contact information (address, telephone number and e-mail address), and the URL of the linking website. Please be aware that a link may be refused and that CYBIRD may cancel a previously agreed link if the linking website’ content or if the method of linking is deemed inappropriate. If you accept the above conditions, please proceed to the section entitled “Cautions When Creating Links to This Website” below.

2. Copyright and Related Rights

The copyright and other related rights concerning all the contents appearing on this website are owned by or are licensed to CYBIRD. It is prohibited to copy, modify, divert, upload, post, transmit, distribute, license, sell, screen, translate or in any other way adapt, or publish any of the materials in whole or in part exceeding the scope explicitly admitted by the law, including in cases of personal use, without the prior approval of CYBIRD.
Before quoting this website in publications such as magazines or advertisements, please inform CYBIRD by contacting us using the form provided. Please specify your name, contact (address, phone number and email address) media name, and a brief outline of your publication. Also, please understand that your request may be declined depending the contents or method of your publication.

3. Trademarks

The company names and logos listed below as well as all CYBIRD-related product and service names appearing on this website are trademarks or registered trademarks belonging to or licensed to CYBIRD or its affiliated companies.

• “(The) CYBIRD Group”
• The CYBIRD Group logo
• The CYBIRD logo

Other company names and product names may be protected as their respective owners’ trade names, trademarks, or registered trademarks. Their use is prohibited without obtaining prior written permission from their respective owners.

4. Disclaimers

CYBIRD is concerned with and pays full attention to every aspect when publishing information on this website. However, CYBIRD makes no guarantees concerning whether this information is correct, useful or true, whether it meets the users’ expectations, or whether the website or its server is safe or not (including whether or not it is free from function interrupts, errors, bugs, computer viruses, or other harmful contents.) Also, CYBIRD accepts no responsibility for trouble, loss, or damage caused by using the information published on this website or by using this website.
All the service charges and contents published on this website may be changed or canceled without notice.
Please also understand that CYBIRD may change the information published on this website or suspend or stop the operation of this website without notice. CYBIRD accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by information changes or the suspension/termination of operation of this website for whatever reason. Moreover, CYBIRD also accepts no responsibility for the contents of any other website that is linked on this website.

5. Prohibitions

When using this website, users are prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities.

1.Activities that violate the rights or privacy of third parties or of our company, and activities that may cause legal violations
2.Activities that cause damage to the benefits of third parties or of our company, and activities that may cause such damage
3.Activities that are offensive to public order and activities that may be offensive to it
4.Criminal activities, activities that are connected to criminal activity, and activities that may cause criminal activities
5.Making any false application or notice including registration of the electronic mail address of any other person
6.Activities for sales or commercial purposes or any preparatory activity for sales or commercial purposes
7.Activities that damage the trust or reputation of a third-party or of CYBIRD
8.Activities that will or may use or transmit damaging computer programs such as computer viruses
9.Activities that are illegal or obscene under law or regulations, and activities that may act against laws or regulations
10.Activities that constitute religious activity or political solicitation
11.Any other activities that CYBIRD considers to be inappropriate

6. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Disputes concerning matters pertaining to the interpretation and application of this website and these Conditions of Use shall be settled based on the laws of Japan. The court of exclusive jurisdiction for the first trial pertaining to any and all disputes related to this website shall be the Tokyo District Court unless otherwise provided for.

Cautions When Creating Links to This Website

1. Link Location
The link location you are going to set should be the URL given below. Please specify that this is the CYBIRD website.

■ CYBIRD Co., Ltd.

2.Link Setup Method
Please choose one of the following methods to set up the link.

(1)Company name

<a href=””>CYBIRD Co., Ltd.</a>

•Please spell our company name correctly, using ”CYBIRD Co., Ltd.” or “CYBIRD” as the link name.

(2)Link icons

<a href=””><img src=”” width=”90″ height=”30″ border=”0″ alt=”CYBIRD link icon”></a>

<a href=””><img src=”” width=”90″ height=”30″ border=”0″ alt=”CYBIRD link icon”></a>

* Link Icon Use Guideline
• The use other logos or icons as a link button other than the above link icons is prohibited.
• Please do not download these link icons to your local disk. (Use only the provided pattern. Making changes to the text or graphic design is strictly prohibited.)
• Please use these link icons only for the purpose of linking to our website.
• We reserve the right to stop using these link icons or to change their shape, size, design, etc. at any time.

3. Other Important Points
*CYBIRD strictly prohibits the publication of links of other websites that display contents defaming CYBIRD or its products, services and reputation, or that have illegal contents (including contents that may be illegal), and the establishment of links concerning illegal activities (including activities that may be illegal) as well as those which concern illegal activities, and those that may damage our reputation.
*Please do not download these link icons to your local disk. (Use only the provided pattern. Making changes to the text or graphic design is strictly prohibited.)
*These terms of use may change without notice. If these terms of use are changed, please follow the changed ones.