CYBIRD was established contemporaneously with of the start of the mobile internet in Japan, and ever since that time we have continued to grow while providing an expanding range of services to our customers. We operate a thriving Games Business beginning with titles available from the App Store and Google Play; compatible with all three Japanese mobile carriers: Docomo, KDDI and Softbank; and centered on the GREE, Mobage and Ameba platforms. In addition, we are developing the Contents Business, which supports people in living richer lifestyles with its main focus on Smartphone users.

Games Business


CYBIRD’s lineup of popular games is headed by the IKEMEN Series,
which boasts over 15 million users, and we are also planning,
developing and providing a soccer club nurturing game and a long list of other titles via licensing.
In addition, we are developing a variety of games-related businesses including a rights business,
merchandising business, overseas businesses, etc.

Main Services

Contents Business


CYBIRD provides a variety of entertainment services by making use of attractive licenses to employ entertainers, famous cultural figures, popular animation characters, etc.

Main Services

Vertical Media

CYBIRD plans, produces and provides media that employs deep mining in specialized fields to satisfy users (such as NAMI ARU?, specializing in wave information all around the Japanese coast) and services that select and dispatch high-quality information for women.

Main Services


& others