Corporate Philosophy


    Pursue the essence of success and aim at higher productivity.
    (productivity = efficiency × effectiveness)

    We are appreciate the importance of that which is essential, rather than merely the surface.
  3. Hospitality

    Respect colleagues and partners, realize services to customers as professionals.

Top Message

CYBIRD was founded 18 years ago at the dawn of the Japanese mobile Internet, and under the corporate concept of “Smile with Mobile”, the Company has been providing users with a steadily expanding range of mobile contents ever since. In the game business, for example, we have popularized a slew of innovative titles beginning with the IKEMEN Series of original love simulation games featuring a variety of historical characters and the BFB Series of simulation soccer games. In the content business too, we are deploying well loved titles in the entertainment field such as Kazuko Hosoki’s Rokusei Senjutsu (Divination by Six Planets), Ryuji Kagami’s Psychological Astrology, the Detective Conan Series, etc., and we are also developing our business in the lifestyle and mobile marketing fields with titles such as SURFING GUIDE MAP by Nami-Aru?, which is the go-to app for surfers in Japan.
At the root of all of our businesses are our mission “to create happy moments” and our vision of “continuing to be a passionate company”. Moreover, rooted in this basic corporate stance, we are steadily providing our customers and partners with a set of values that we call “Challenge”, “Essence” and “Love”.

However, the business environment surrounding CYBIRD has changed a great deal during the course of the past 18 years. Now that “Mobile” has become “a very ordinary thing” that most people use widely in their everyday lives and the mobile content market has reached a state of maturity, CYBIRD itself has arrived at a major turning point, although of course, our mission and our vision will not change as a consequence. In addition, we intend to maintain our stance of providing people with value in the shape of “Challenge”, “Essence” and “Love” just as we have up to now. Nevertheless, as we head into this new era, the time has come to redefine these values once again.

So, what do we mean by “Challenge”? Much more than merely the capacity for tackling new things, our challenge is also the determination to make success certain as well as to produce innovation. What do we mean by “Essence”? The essence of our business is to accurately grasp the needs of the era and to provide products and services that are supported by our customers.Lastly, what do we mean by “Love”? We demonstrate our love by providing services as professionals, and by respecting our colleagues and partners who create value.
In this way, we will endeavor to progress to the next phase while reaffirming the value of our products.

At CYBIRD, one of our main strengths is certainly the fact that we possess a wide variety of original contents that have obtained the broad support of our customers. In addition, we are blessed with many excellent partners. However, in order to create even greater value in future, we cannot afford to satisfy ourselves by merely maintaining and expanding our current advantages. We also need to keep providing innovative solutions in response to the needs of people who demand original media by making the best possible use of our rich and diverse store of content to create such media. And just as the leading players in the game business have now moved from packages to the Internet, the content business must also continue to change.
CYBIRD will keep changing in line with the era while continuing to treasure the many assets we have been cultivating up to the present. Please look forward to even more exciting things from CYBIRD in future.

Cybird Co. Ltd
Shuji Utsumi

Company Profile

Company name CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location Mansard Daikanyama, 10-1 Sarugakucho, Shibuya, Tokyo 〒150-0033
Founded 1998
Business Operations Providing mobile content services and mobile business consultation.
Mobile site development, Mobile commerce, Research and develop next generation mobile platforms.
Board member
President Shuji Utsumi
Capital 100 million yen
Consolidated subsidiaries
BottleCube inc.
Communities Mobile Content Forum (MCF)


Headquarters location
CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
Mansard Daikanyama, 10-1
Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
JAPAN 150-0033
Access Guide
- 4 minute walk from Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line

Company History


CYBIRD Co., Ltd. founded (headquarters: Nishi Azabu, Minato, Tokyo)


Commenced services for NTT DOCOMO i-mode


Commenced services for SoftBank


Started providing the official mobile site for “Ryuji Kagami’s Psychological Astrology”


Received investment from Intel Capital (Intel Pacific, Inc.)


Moved headquarters (Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo)


Achieved the fastest public listing after foundation (JASDAQ:4823)


Started providing the mobile site “Wave Information NAMI-ARU?”


Selected for the third “2002 Internet IR Best Company” award from Daiwa Investor Relations

Won 2nd place in Japan and 5th place in Asia Pacific for the “1st Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500″ awards.

Commenced services for KDDI


Started providing the official mobile site for “Detective Conan(Case Closed)”


Moved headquarters (Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo)


Came in 18th place in “Japan Technology Fast 50″, the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu survey of the technology market


Started providing the official mobile site for “Kazuko Hosoki’s Rokusei Senjutsu (Divination by Six Planets)”


Received a capital increase of 1 billion Yen through third-party allocation of shares to Nippon Television Network Corporation, the Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd., the Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, and the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.


Obtained the Privacy Mark


Selected for JASDAQ system margin trading


Selected for J-Stock

Won the Excellence Award in the Mobile Solutions division of the “Mobile Project Awards 2004″ sponsored by MCF


Entered a wide ranging and comprehensive business and capital alliance in mobile commerce with Jimos Co., Ltd.


Entered a business and capital alliance with Recruit Co., Ltd. in the cellphone domain.


Announced management integration with Jimos Co., Ltd.


Spun off the business of CYBIRD Co., Ltd. Established a new arrangement with CYBIRD Holdings Co., Ltd. serving as the holding company


Won the KDDI “CONTENTS AWARD ‘Contribution Award’ after being selected as an excellent content provider making a great contribution to KDDI Corporation


Implemented an MBO to achieve corporate value from the mid to long term standpoint and delisted CYBIRD Holdings


Started providing the first smartphone application on the App Store


Started providing the mobile site “Love in New York” and entered into the dating simulation game field


Won the “Excellent Achievement Award” at the Yahoo! Japan Sales Partner Conference


Started providing the mobile site “IKEMEN O-OKU – Garden of Love -”, the first work of the big hit IKEMEN Series dating simulation games

Certified as a “Google AdWords Certified Partner”


Moved headquarters to Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo


Certified as an official reseller of Yahoo! Listing ads


Established BottleCube inc. as a subsidiary


Won the Nikkei New Office Grand Prize


Started providing a smartphone game to develop a football club called “Barcode Footballer”


Started providing “Barcode Footballer” in Hong Kong and Macao by providing the license to Next Media Animation limited., and entered into overseas markets

Total number of members registered with IKEMEN Series exceeded 5 million


Total number of downloads of “Barcode Footballer” in Japan exceeded 1 million


Started providing Chinese version (Traditional Chinese) of the dating simulation games IKEMEN O-OKU – Garden of Love – in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao

Started providing the first domestic artist live-action love social game “LOVECEN – Secret Love with V6 -”


“LOVECEN – Secret Love with V6 -” received the highest award in the dating simulation section at the “GREE Platform Award 2013″